Yard Sale! #13

I treated the thirteenth issue of Yard Sale! like a diary and that had a real impact on the future of the zine going forward. Sales had steadily been falling off. I feel like zines in general have less contributors and readers every year. The few zine fairs that remained for me to table at were becoming more and more a showcase of art prints, t-shirts, baked goods, stickers, and glossy magazines. A large majority of the zines I did come across were art zines, $8 photocopies of pages from their sketchbooks. Print-heavy zines, especially perzines, were becoming scarce. People would stop at my table, flip open to a page filled with text, and close it and walk on. With no steady readership I began even more so to write the zine for myself. I would use the pages to document my life as it happened and remember all the people and events that impacted my life in the three months between each issue. It meant viewing my life through a lens as I lived it, watching for recurring themes and trying to predict the important moments that would influence my future.